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How to Make Modern Garden Planters

Watch me as I show you how I make modern garden planters that are a more substantial and lot cheaper than the ones you find in DIY shops and garden centres.

This type of project is perfect of the keen DIY'er as it is straight forward, doesn't require specialist tools and the result is useful and economical. The main principals involved can be modified very easily to custom made all shapes and sizes of planters to suit your property so have fun with it and ... Give It A Go!

Cutting list:
26 No. 395mm 38x63 (24 No. sides, 2 No. feet)
4 No. 357mm short edge / 485mm long edge - 45 deg mitre at each end (top)

Amazon links to the materials used in this video...

► Plastic Internal DPM Sheeting:

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John van Gurp : Hahahah about the screwdriver - mixer comment… smooth delivery pal! Definitely the best planter design and tutorial I’ve seen. Thanks!
Jack D : Thanks again for another great video. Where do you tend to source your timber?
TheWAQSGuy : They look nice but I would be worry not allowing wood to expand or shrink.
Bob Denton : Well done, and your design is exceptional! I'll be avoiding all future encounters with cucumbers per your caveat...
Sage & Onion 2 : The bandage on the thumb is kenny Everett gold

Planter Box / Raised Bed For Flowers. Easy to Make, Super Strong Will last for Ages!!

What's Happening Everyone! In this video I build planter boxes for pressure treated 4x2 and 6x2 lumber. These are a simple build with a super strong construction. The design can be adapted to any size you can make them entirely from 4x2's if you want. I do not have a cutting list as you can make them to suit the space you have.

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Moxon Vise Plans
Maui : I was looking to build a planter like that only a bit biger. Once i heard your accent i knew this will be made to a high standard.
Two Sheep Soapery : Excellent tutorial & I love your workshop!
Michael Larkin : Great job, new subscriber.
Phil Murphy : What a great find and he’s from Ireland
Juan Solorio : Estoy haciendo otro igualmente que el tuyo de cuatro pies y me quedo muy bien Gracias

10 DIY Planters You’ve Never Thought Of

These DIY planter ideas are definitely out-of-the-box.

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hariom : all
Anz Lazo : Love it!
Sangeeta Jagtap : Classy!!
Lata Manral : Very nice
J L. : The paper mache one was actually impressive




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