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iPod Nano 3G 16GB Storage Upgrade - Dev Vlog Pt. 1

iPod Nano Modding Discord: https://discord.gg/bah8hgkTQs
My Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/tuckerosman
Over the past year, I've been working on upgrading the iPod Nano 3G's NAND flash chip to 16GB. I am not yet successful, but I've made some exciting progress in iPod software modding techniques. After a series of small software patches to the iPod's bootloader, I've confirmed that I'm able to read the NAND chip's ID. This video glosses over a year's worth of work. If you want to know more, join the Discord or catch a live stream over on Twitch. I love answering questions and even more I love it when people give me their knowledge about this seemingly very niche but also very common facet of embedded electronics design.

0:00 - Introduction
2:04 - Where's the Disk?
2:56 - Wherein Wesley Attempts a Chip Swap
4:48 - It Isn't Working
5:44 - Wherein Wesley Attempts a Chip Swap But Succeeds This Time
7:39 - Trying to Explain The Firmware in July
11:29 - Summarizing The Last Year and Next Steps

Shot \u0026 Edited by Tucker
Soldering by Wesley
Suffering also by Tucker
Tim Apple isn't a real person, fortunately.

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A look at the iPod Nano 7th generation (2012), a surprisingly cool and usable device even years later.

\r\rBeat Provided By https://freebeats.io\r
Produced By White Hot

Review of iPod Nano in 2021


Published: 03-18-2021, Recorded: 03-18-2021
© Nic Ansuini 2021 | All Rights Reserved




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