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Andrew's Case Study | Adult CIMT

Andrew is 48 years old and has right-sided hemiplegia since birth. He came to see CIMT therapists for a 2-week intensive programme. See Andrew's achievements and improvements.

What is CIMT for children?

Constraint-induced movement therapy is suitable for children and adults with hemiplegia caused by a variety of neurological conditions. CIMT involves intensive rehabilitation of the affected upper limb while restraining the unaffected side.As well as significant physical and functional changes, CIMT has been shown to cause cortical reorganisation. In order for these changes to occur, evidence has shown that a programme must be prolonged and intensive, therefore our CIMT programmes follow the details of the protocol in the evidence.We provide CIMT programmes lasting between 2 to 4 weeks, with daily therapy sessions and continuous use of a restraint.visit

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CIMT: An introduction to shaping

An overview of shaping, a key component of any CIMT program. Shaping involves gradually increasing the level of task difficulty. Shaping tasks should be selected to target an individual's specific motor impairments. One of six videos made by occupational therapy researcher Lauren Christie for the ACTIveARM project, a collaborative research project of South Western Sydney Local Health District, The University of Sydney and The Ingham Institute of Applied medical Research focused on CIMT implementation in practice.
This 9-min video features Lauren and three adults who have sustained a stroke or brain injury demonstrating various shaping exercises.
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Morris, D., Taub, E., \u0026 Mark, V. W. (2006). Constraint-induced movement therapy: characterising the intervention protocol. Europa Medicophysica, 42(3), 257-268.

Meharg, A., \u0026 Kings, J. (2015). How to do Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy: A practical guide (J. Goodman \u0026 S. Robinson Eds.). United Kingdom: Harrison Training.




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