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Sai Hu SH-02 Vacuum Engine

Smaller, easy starting vacuum engine. Runs very well.

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Eachine-ET7: (code: BGEACHINE7)

Eachine ET5 Engine: (code: BGOCTET5)

Eachine ET6 Hit \u0026 Miss Engine w/ Flying Ball Governor: (code: BGOCTET6)

DT2236C Digital Laser and Contact RPM Tachometer: (code: BG169986 )

DT2234C+ Digital Laser RPM Tachometer: (code: BG013097 )

Piston O-Ring for Eachine ET5 (10 pcs): (code: BGTUI06 )

Eachine ETX Vertical Hit \u0026 Miss Gas Engine Water Cooling (code: BGETX325)

Eachine ET1 STEM Upgrade Hit \u0026 Miss Gas Engine (code: BG199ET1)

Tarot Large Scale Stirling Engine: (code: BGTEASE)

Gatling 6 Cylinder Stirling Engine Model External Combustion Engine (code:BGsg6cs)

Replacement Glass Cylinders \u0026 O-rings for the repair of one cylinder - Gatling Stirling Engine

Star Power Vacuum Engine on wood base (code: BGSTRL2 )

Star Power Vacuum Engine on Black Base (code: BGSTRL2 )

Sai Hu V1-45 Vacuum Engine (code: BGSVSEME)

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Microcosm T1B Hero Of Alexandria Steam Engine (code: BGMMSTSE)

Microcosm Brass Mini Live Steam Engine (code: BG10FG)

Microcosm M88 Full Metal MINI BEAM Steam Engine Model ID: 1335299: (code: BG10FG)

Eachine ET1 Hit \u0026 Miss Gas Engine (code: BGEt1su)

Rope Starter Kit ET1 and ETX

Piston O-Ring for Eachine ET1, ET6, ET7 and ETX Hit \u0026 Miss Engine ID1481247

Hit and Miss Engine up to 50%off:

Handy item for measuring actual temperature…
Mustool® MT6800 Non Contact Infrared Thermometer:

HT-18 Handheld Infrared Thermal Camera 220x160 Resolution (code: BG8688)

HT-19 Handheld Infrared Thermal Camera 320x240 Resolution (code: BGHT19)

SaiDi STEM Low Temperature Difference Stirling Engine

Mini Vertical Stirling Engine

SaiHu SH-02 Vacuum Engine Model ID: 1155670:

Roland SH-2 Analog Synthesizer Demo

This video demonstrates the sound of the vintage Roland SH-2 monophonic analog synthesizer. Enjoy!

Check out our inventory of new, used, and vintage gear!

7 Minutes with the Roland SE-02 (Sounds Only)

This video is a sounds only demonstration of the Roland SE-02 Analog Synthesizer - designed in collaboration with Studio Electronics - as part of the Roland Boutique Designer Series. Watch the Introduction video here:

The SE-02 is big and bold, with thick, rich lows and clear, vibrant highs
— exactly what you think of when you imagine classic vintage synth tone. And while the SE-02 can create astonishingly great vintage sounds, it can do so much more. It has three types of cross modulation (XMOD), a ripping filter feedback loop, a tempo-syncing LFO with nine waveforms, envelope sweeping and inverting, oscillator sync, a noise generator, and a tempo-syncing delay.

The SE-02 comes with a performance sequencer and 500+ expertly crafted preset patches so you can start making inspiring music now.

We recommend the use of high-quality headphones or studio monitors for the best listening experience.

Please visit the pages below for more information:




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