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ISO14001, 9001 - 회사에서 절대 맡지 말아야 할 일

ISO14001, 9001 - 회사에서 절대 맡지 말아야 할 일
sk : ISO 철학은 respect 해야 하지만, 경영시스템 규격의 requirements 자체가 과학적이지 않기 때문에 머리 쓰는게 어려워 주로 하급자가 담당을 하게 되고 권한과 책임이 별로 없는 하급자로 인해 실무와 ISO 2개의 톱니바퀴가 돌아가는 거 같아요
거북이와늑대 : 업체 맡기는게 젤편함
donghun Kim : 저는 45001 요
썅 3년차 사원인데ㅜㅜ
김유라 : 우리 회사는 성과만 달성하면 되지, 우리 회사의 업무로 인해 환경에 미치는 일은 모르겠다 생각하는 무책임한 기업에 근무하시는건 아닌지...... 무한욕망을 무한충족시키기 위한 과잉생산, 과잉소비의 영향에 대한 고민할때인듯 하네요
John Lee : 저는 이거 담당입니다.

ISO 14001 Aspects & Impacts Simplified

Hey Quality Leaders!

Another whiteboard animation from the best in the business on ISO-Consultancy and Training!

With the recent news on Mining Industries facing suspension due to Environmental threats, we want to showcase how ISO can help in addressing the issue. This video is all about Environmental Management Systems, you will see that any industry can implement ways to help our environment, from paper saving, to cutting electricity consumption and all other ways we can help lessen the impacts of climate change. An environmental aspect is an element of an organization’s activities, products, or services that has or may have an impact on the environment.

We are all responsible for taking care of our Mother Earth. Small efforts such as realizing the Environmental Aspect-Impact can go a long way!

To learn more, hit "play" on the video below and don't forget to subscribe to our Youtube page.

Need help on ISO-consultancy? Looking for a training partner? Choose AGF! #ThinkAGF
prakash factocert : Looking forward to certify your company? factocert is the best ISO Certification agency who helps you to attain goals. Feel free to contact us at or
prashanth s : Great informative information sir. Factocert is the best ISO Certification agency that helps you to attain goals. Feel free to contact us at or
Shahab Mohseni : Very helpful information, also that Hispanic accent reminded me of "Jane the Virgin"
Archimedes Valderama : I am a teacher and looking for ways to simplify my lesson about environmental impact and aspect. This is the best.
chloe duffin : The narration is great and very informative in a simplified manner. However the animation is too distracting.

ISO 14001 What is it ? an overview

What is ISO 14001? A 9-minute overview of all the requirements for ISO 14001:2015, the international standard for Environmental Management Systems.
LH Consulting : Thanks for the video I really enjoyed it. Let me know if we can collaborate. Thanks. Luke @ LHConsulting.
Inspiring knowledge : beautiful and well explained. please for more videos on QMS . Risque Appraoch and Process Approach
get schwifty : Thank you for this helpful video, I have an exam coming up soon and this definitely cleared up a lot of confusion I was having in relation to ISO 140001!
joselito salmo : Mr. McCann did the best coaching, not only ISO14001 ut other ISO webinars. Clear and succint. Thanks sir.
Shekhar Lama : Awesome...thank u for this video




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